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Carbon fiber motor mount
Carbon fiber motor mount electric skateboard

Carbon fiber motor mount

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Sturdy motor mount for caliber trucks

A reliable motor mount is vital when building your own DIY Eskate. With this motor mount you will never have to worry about your mount vibrating loose our changing angle. All screws without nylock nuts are recommended to be tightened with loctite threadlocker. Symmetrical to be used on both left and right side of trucks. 

Fit with our 14/36 pulleys and 265mm belt

  • Material: Carbon fiber and anodized 7075 aluminium
  • Fastners: 2xM5 1xM3
  • Motors: 63XX and 50XX
  • Truck: Caliber trucks
  • Adjustable length and angle

What's in the box?

(1) Motor mount for caliber truck

(2) M5 screws

(1) M3 Screw

(3) M5 Carriage bolts

(3) M5 Nylock nuts